Paul Tavernor is a British born and based Northern Artist, Wire Sculptor and Story Teller, who paints distinctive and energetic oil paintings of animals in both wild and urban landscapes. The last two decades has seen his artwork nationally distributed by Publishers and his popular originals and prints now proudly hang Worldwide.

The Artwork has won him numerous awards and his distinctive work has been featured on ITV and BBC, radio and in national and regional press.

In more recent years, Paul has included intricate and uniquely made wire sculptures to his portfolio. His life-size creations have been exhibited in National Trust Property Gardens, commissioned exhibitions and events, including 100 years of the Dog Trust at RHS Hampton Court Palace. Aintree Grand National racecourse and for Council Museums and Local Authorities. In 2020, during Lockdown, Paul created Inktails Mouse. More about this delightful and uplifting creature can be read about on the Inktails Mouse page.

Paul Tavernor

Paul's earlier years, at the beginning of the 1970's were in one of Manchester's suburbs, Hattersley. There he played on the streets, which were a stone throw away from where L.S. Lowry lived.

Paul enjoyed drawing from a young age, however after school at 16 yrs old, the next step into employment for many was the `YTS` (Youth Training Scheme). Paul continued drawing, however was now moving into the medium of painting. Completely self-taught, Paul feels that having no formal art training has not hindered him. Indeed teaching himself to draw and paint without any particular instruction or technique was to be his own personal ‘great escape’. After a few printing jobs, when the machines were manually changed for inks, and a stint of being a postman. Paul, now in his mid 20's decided to try and make a living becoming a Professional Artist after having relative success at sell-out exhibitions and winning various art competitions.

Over the next decade, Paul picked up two National Publishers and his paintings were reproduced and sold to Art Galleries and Framers across the UK. His popular paintings had him nominated as One of the Country's Top Selling Artist at the Fine Art Trading Awards on three different occasions.

Paul continued to exhibit to sell his artwork, then 7 years ago he taught himself how to create impressive forms from the simple use of bending garden wire. These sculptures have now almost eclipsed his paintings in popularity and impact. The impression they leave on the viewer are almost of universally happiness and pleasure. That said, his newer oil paintings have progressed significantly enough that his portfolio has transformed effortlessly into an exciting and vibrant colour palette. Perfect for modern decor and tastes, whilst maintaining his distinctive and pleasing style.

In 2014, Paul opened his High Street Gallery in the large village of Poynton, in Cheshire. His Wire Dog ‘Patch’ who leans up against the window and his Wire Fox ‘Copper’ who sits happily on his bin can usually be seen outside the Gallery during opening times, both are fondly embraced in the Community, especially children giving them a loving pat each time they walk by. Occasionally his much admired and impressive wire horse head sculpture makes an appearance and the intricate detailed equine beast, entitled `To the Wire` is a real head turner whenever it appears on the high street. Inside, further sculptures are for sale, along with Paul’s latest collection of artworks from Originals to Homeware goods. Including, a year-round exhibition of talented fellow artists including painters, jewellers, ceramics, glass and felt makers.

Another element synonymous with Paul is his enjoyment of storytelling. His recent illustrations of mice and friends, complete with heart warming messages are one of his more recent pastimes. Accompanied by strap lines of positivity or simple sketches to make one smile. These have seemed to have captured our present times and feelings as well as helping Paul himself on his art journey. All of these new sketches can be found on Paul's Blog and across his social media platforms.

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