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Hold you to the sky

Hold you to the sky

A good father always picks you up and forever holds your hand. He'll guide you oh so gently, and builds you casrles in the sand.

He clears the snow from pathways and mends things that get broken.

He helps you through the tough times with wise words that get spoken.

A father picks you up, with strong arms in his care.

He lifts you to the sky, and will always hold you there.

6 Jun 2024



Everyday has opportunity to begin again anew.

To start each early morning, so much to see and do.

Use this chance to try again, set in motion all those plans.

Everyday has opportunity so grab it with both hands.

29 May 2024

Never on your own

Never on your own

Neither moon or stars

nor little mice are ever on their own.

24 Mar 2024

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