Introducing Inktails Mouse

Welcome to the official site of Inktails Mouse. He first appeared during lockdown, and is so special, he has a page all to himself.

Inktails Mouse began life in April 2020, the delightful true story of how he came about will all be revealed in a forthcoming book, currently being created. However fans will already know, he first arrived with his friend on Social Media as a ray of shining light and uplifting positivity. The illustration entitled 'Two Friends', is a caring mouse calling out: "Are you still there?" whispered the mouse. "Of course I am, even though I can't see you. I'm always here". It became an instant hit, and the lovely reactions that followed, was truly overwhelming.

Over the next few months, a growing series of illustrations, were produced, some mirrored by the unprecedented times and the heroes of the NHS and Key Workers. Others needing to find the bright side of being at home and maybe appreciating things just a little bit more.

Because the Gallery remained closed, we became inundated with requests to produce them as art prints to buy online. So we did, and even created a new website for people to see them. This not only helped us, but countless others who were desperate for a bit of cheer and optimism. His growing fan base were now eagerly awaiting each joyful new adventure.

As the months passed, 'Mouse' as he was known, made regular appearances on Facebook and Instagram, and became a popular talking point. However, he needed an official name to go with his character. And so he became 'Inktails Mouse'. Complete with a wet dripping tail full of Ink cherished by all who discovered his kind and sometimes poignant sentiments.

A year on, and with a growing number of followers of nearly 15,000 at the last count, along with his huge following at the Gallery in Poynton. The illustrations have continued and Inktails has been seen with more of his friends, a Horse, Robin, Bumble bee, a friendly young Fox, even an Owl and Cat, 'traditionally his deadly enemies' but who knows how it ends up! Again, all these characters have names but you will have to wait until they will be revealed in the book.

Until then, on behalf of Inktails....We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has purchased prints, supporting our business, and those who have sent sincere messages to us, how Inktails Mouse has affected their lives. Every single one has been read, and we hope replied too. It has been heart warming for us to know that our dear, furry friend has been cherished by so many.

You can follow Inktails Mouse on Facebook and Instagram, every single like and follow to our page is appreciated. It helps build our audience and spreads the joy a little further.


Inktails Mouse

Inktails Mouse

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